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  • I hate to cook; got a can opener?

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  • I want to learn; do you have a recipe for ice cubes?

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  • Learning, but have a ways to go.

    10 9.90%
  • Good on technique, but I use others' ideas more than my own.

    23 22.77%
  • I love to cook, but it's tough now that I'm Primal.

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  • My kitchen is a science lab. Wheee!

    30 29.70%
  • I thought I was a foodie before, but Primal has made me even more of one.

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  • I'm an Iron Chef, yo!

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Thread: What Kind of Cook are You? page

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    Jul 2012
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

    What Kind of Cook are You?

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    We're such a diverse group, I thought it would be interesting to find out where we all stand on the cooking issue.

    So which of these best describes you?

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    Washington state
    I put the fat and food in the pan, turn it down so it can't burn, and check it every so often until it's done. For almost everything from eggs to steak and veggies. Spices are my fun.

    Knifegill is christened to be high carb now!
    the buttstuff...never interested.
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    Feb 2012
    Northern California
    cooked professionally for close to 20 yrs.

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    Mar 2010
    I'm an engineer. Give me 3 ingredients and I'll be damned if I can't somehow make them work together.
    I also grew up with a chef as a Dad, so I could cook well enough even before Primal.
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    Orem, UT
    I love throwing a bunch of ingredients together and hoping it works. Science lab, WHEE!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Definitely science lab!

    My signature dish is what I fondly call 'stuff in a pan'. It involves pulling anything that sounds good out of the fridge, throwing it in a pan in some fashion, cook until done. Spices, hot sauce, and plenty of garlic are encouraged. Put it in a bowl and eat it.
    Thats what I cook for pretty much every meal!

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    South Central USA
    I probably should have voted for the science lab... Lord knows I am the queen of tweaking and altering a recipe!

    But I love baking, and while I am having fun learning to make goodies with coconut and almond flour I do feel limited.
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    Nov 2012
    I love to cook cause I love to eat! Good!

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    Calgary, AB
    I love to cook, and would cook really complex recipes with sauces and million spices, but both my husband and 6 y.o. like everything prepared simply so the natural flavors come through. I am also a cook that makes my own cooking fat from drippings, collects cuts off from vegetables ('cause I was raised this way). And I cook the weirdest cuts.

    I grew up with NO spices to speak of, just black and red pepper, parsley and dill, and tons of pickled stuff. So, when I got to see all the Oriental variety of spices, OMG, I loved it sooo much! I love Oriental food with passion. Hopefully, as my kid grows up, curries and chilies will be back on the menu, as well as spicy stir-fries (right now we have to add sesame oil separately, lol!)

    So, all and all, I am some sort of a crazy hybrid of down to earth cheapo cook with the flights of fancy that are held in check by the family, lol.

    I would LOVE my kitchen to be a science lab (and I have a dehydrator, an ice-cream maker, etc and actually USE them), instead it is more of a 'granny's faux farmstead'.

    BUT! Whatever else I am, I am a consummate cook, who will enjoy cooking no matter what nutritional philosophy we embrace!
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    Primal Blueprint Expert Certification
    I'm still a hesitant cook. I make mostly the same things over and over, but my experiments lately have been pretty successful. I'm still crawling out of my comfort zone.
    Current interests - CrossFit

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