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  • I hate to cook; got a can opener?

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  • I want to learn; do you have a recipe for ice cubes?

    2 1.98%
  • Learning, but have a ways to go.

    10 9.90%
  • Good on technique, but I use others' ideas more than my own.

    23 22.77%
  • I love to cook, but it's tough now that I'm Primal.

    2 1.98%
  • My kitchen is a science lab. Wheee!

    30 29.70%
  • I thought I was a foodie before, but Primal has made me even more of one.

    36 35.64%
  • I'm an Iron Chef, yo!

    18 17.82%
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Thread: What Kind of Cook are You?

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    I'm a science lab chef in the kitchen, I shoot from the hip, but my wife says she loves my cooking and raves about it all the time. My grilling however...all men are not- in fact- created equal. when I step to my grill, you are all lessor beings.

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    I enjoy cooking. The main thing that stops me from doing more complex recipes is time. Usually dinner for me looks something like: "Chop some veggies, steam. Chop some meat, cook in pan. Toss together, season to taste".

    The above tends to be the norm, mostly because on weeknights I hit the gym after work, so it's pretty late and I'm starving - leading to a desire to cook and devour dinner quickly. Weekends I tend to get a bit more experimental, and tend toward the "science lab" end of things. Sometimes I'll batch cook stew/chili on the weekend and portion it, and it becomes lunch for me at work on days when there's no decent offerings at the cafeteria.
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    Science lab here as well. I've been straying off of paleo/primal a bit lately, due to food intolerances that limit what I can eat, if something isn't primal but can be made less offensive with proper handling, some beans, for instance, I've been including them off and on. Properly soaked, of course. I've created a kick ass beanie-weenie recipe with pastured weenies. I can't have brown sugar either, as it bothers my fructose malabsorption, but white sugar doesn't, so I've adapted a Vietnamese caramel sauce, caramelized sugar, fish sauce then stir in bacon and onions sauteed in bacon drippings then slow cooked with everything else. OMG. It's not a daily or even weekly thing, but sometimes I just want something homey and yummy.

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