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Thread: Quitting CW cold turkey with 48 hour fast

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    Quitting CW cold turkey with 48 hour fast

    After lurking for months I'm ready to take the paleo plunge.

    One year ago I was lying on the sofa, unemployed, smoking 2 packs/day, with man-boobs and no friends. I had just spent a week watching seasons 1 through 8 of Seinfeld continuously on my laptop, stopping only for bathroom and microwave breaks. As the first episode of season 9 started I had this terrible depression come over me. It was a bright sunny day outside and if you've ever been depressed you know those days are the worst, you just pray for clouds and rain to make you feel better.

    I decided to go outside because anything was better than more Seinfeld. As soon as I stepped into the sunlight I felt happy. It was like a miracle. I hadn't gotten sun on my skin in weeks and when it happened it was like a woman's caress.

    So I decided to change my life. There were 3 things I wanted to do:
    1) quit smoking
    2) stop eating crap
    3) meet a nice girl

    I knew I couldn't do them all at once so I gave myself 6 months to accomplish each, starting with smoking. I went to the store and bought 10 packs of cigarettes. I put them in a backpack along with some pre-microwaved hot pockets and walked into some nearby woods. I then smoked all 200 cigarettes over the next 5 hours while munching on the delicious pepperoni pizza hot pockets. When it was all over I was pretty sure I was going to die but somehow made it back home. That was 6 months ago and I haven't smoked another cigarette since .

    Now it's time for step 2. I've done my research and I'm convinced paleo is the way to go. Bingeing then cold turkey worked last time, so I'm going to try it again. 5 days ago I went to Pathmark and bought $200 of microwavable food. I've eaten it all (almost) and somehow am still alive. I'm now eating my last tray of "Lean" Cuisine as I type. I feel like puking but it can only get better from here right?

    I'm going to start my Primal life by taking a 48 hour water fast. I've never not eaten for more than maybe 20 hours at a time, so this should be interesting. I've been reading the experiences of others for inspiration and decided to type this post as a reminder to myself that there's no turning back.

    I intend to break the fast at 9PM Thursday by eating baked salmon seasoned with Kerrygold butter and copious bok choy. To be honest that sounds kind of gross but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I don't know what to do with myself during this 48 hours. I'm considering going for a really long walk: maybe over the GW bridge and all the way down Manhattan.

    Maybe after 6 months of being Primal I'll meet a nice chick.
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