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Since I am just starting to buy my own food, I have no experience with planning meals for a weeks time.
I'd learn to love liver and eggs, as well as fresh plants & vegetables and occasional fruit and nuts.

Breakfast:- Dab of coconut oil in the pan, start heating it. When melted whack in large handful of spinach (it reduces down a lot, honest) or 4oz of mushrooms cut up before the oil went on. While the oil is getting going start beating two eggs (I use large) in a bowl with pepper to taste. When the spinach has reduced to a covering at the bottom of the pan, or the mushrooms have started to sweat a bit, pour on the eggs. Cook to your taste and eat!

Lunch:- Tinned fish and salad.

I'll have to come back to this as I'm off round a friend's for some anti oxidant laden Carmenere.