The Primal lifestyle has prompted me to not only question everything I eat, but everything around me in my day to day life, and especially any medical procedure. I have been wearing glasses and contacts most of my life. I have been recently looking into naturally correcting my vision. I've read reviews on dozens of books that use the Bates method and they get mostly 5 stars, with people saying they don't need glasses any longer. Then when I start searching on the internet for success stories, I can't find any, all I find is people saying it's BS. If it worked, then I would expect to see more success stories out there other than Amazon reviews. It seems odd that nobody can really verify if it's for real or not. I imagine that enough people have tried it over the years for it to be pretty clear cut by now, but I still haven't found any definitive proof. Has anyone tried it, know of anyone who has tried it, or have any resources I can look at to determine if it's something I should try or if it's just a hoax?