We all have our beliefs and opinions for achieving optimal fitness. I have dabbled in various types of strength, endurance, sport-specific, and other types of training. There have certainly been some things I would do again, and some training techniques I would stay away from. Ultimately, I am looking for YOUR opinion of the best fitness "protocol" to be the fittest, strongest, and most athletic a person can be, while keeping health in mind. What are YOUR thoughts?

Obviously, training methods will differ based on your goals. So, like I mentioned above, the goal is: to be the fittest, strongest, and most athletic I can be, while promoting optimal health of course.

I'm not looking to be on a fitness magazine, deadlift 8x my body-weight, flex for an audience, swim across an ocean, or set the world land speed record. However, I would like to be able to jump into a basketball game, throw a couple weights around, or run a few miles from time to time (get my drift?). *I'm guessing I'm not the only one in this category, so hopefully this discussion can help others too.

I know in the Primal Blueprint, Mark says this can be achieved through Primal Fitness, and his strategy seems to work fairly well for me. I just wanted to throw the question into the abyss that is MDA Forum and see what all of you primal fitness enthusiasts had to say. Maybe you completely agree with Mark's suggestions? Or maybe you add in a little of this or that on top? I'm curious to hear YOUR thoughts, whatever they may be.

So, let the discussion commence!