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Thread: Quicky Primal Snack Spread

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    Quicky Primal Snack Spread

    Last night I was looking to eat a good primal snack as part of my last meal after lifting. I had some runny Almond butter in the fridge. I had some hard coconut oil in the pantry. So I warmed up about 1T of coconut oil and mixed it with 1.5 T of the almond butter and let it cool in the fridge until firm but spreadable. I spread it over a quartered apple. Really nice! I will be doing this again, guaranteed.

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    Hmmm that looks very close to this recipe: FED - Fitness in an Evolutionary Direction: Caveman Cuisine: Paleo "Cookie Dough"

    Good stuff!

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    That is an amazing idea. Definitely going to try that tonight.

    Rock on!

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