I started my primal journey about 3-4 weeks ago, and think this journal will be really helpful if I remember to update it! I'm loving the lifestyle so far. Any feedback is more than welcome!
B: Coffee with cream, Leftover bacon cheeseburger and baked sweet potato fries
S: Smoothie (kale, spinach, little banana, blackberries, peaches (not too much fruit, i swear), and coconut milk)
L: A ton of spaghetti squash with meat sauce. YUM.
D: We're going out (my husband is a teacher and a local place is having spirit night for his school). Hoping I can swing a steak fajita salad or something like that if it's in the budget. If not, i have some salmon and asparagus at home.

Do you make smoothies? What do you put in them? I want to switch to a mostly veggie blend. Thinking of carrots. Have you tried? How was the texture?