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    I will be in Cabo on 12/12/12. I bet they will be going crazy. And then three days later it's my birthday. So I will be going crazy.

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    A friend of mine that lives an hour north of here is looping REM's It's the end of the world as we know it(and I feel fine) for a party she is having.

    I've survived weeklong+ power outages, ice storms, etc. I do fine up until about day 3. When we got hit by the remnants of Hurricane Ike back in 2008, I cooked everything out on the grill and that was cool.

    I at least convinced my husband to hold off on getting some weaponry for a couple of months. I understand the why of being prepped. I just don't want to worry about it. If shit were to hit the fan, I would rather not be dead and not have to worry about it. I hate camping to be honest. That's pretty much why I would be good if something like that would happen.

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    We were actually talking about this the other day at class. How maybe people are going to do things they have never gotten the gut to do before, just in case. So I'll be taking my camera wherever I go.

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    We always celebrate the Winter Solstice, this year will be no different.

    BTW if the world as we know it were to end (the technological part) I think we'd be okay, we live in a rural area and DH and I are very handy, it's all this 21st century stuff that I'm not good at.

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    Five years ago, (dec 2nd, 2007) our area was hit by a massive wind & rain storm that ripped out the main transmission lines, and a whole lot of the distribution lines. Our town was dark for five days, and some went over two weeks without electricity. There was no getting into or out of our area, due to the trees down across the highways & roads, for several days. Other places were flooded badly.

    Neighbors tend to pull together, I've noticed. There were no riots, no serious problems -- but there were a lot of people that went out and checked on people that might need more help. People offered candles, flashlights, use of their cell phones, etc.

    I think that if anything goes down, survival might depend on helping each other - so, if you have stocked up on something, share it, and someone else might have something to share with you.

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    "I don't believe in mumbo jumbo, however I do think some people have an ability to see into the future."


    Here's the thing. The Mayan calendar was (is) cyclical. It's really not too much different from the thought process of our Gregorian calendar's Leap Year correction. It is in NO WAY a prophecy of the end times. It's just a resetting of the calendar for the next cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I'm going to party like it's 1999.
    Hey, remember Y2K? The internet went down, and the banks crashed, and.... no wait. That didn't happen.

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    Nope, the world didn't end (and take my debt with it, Daing!)
    Good luck to us all!
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    Bummer, gonna have to pay those bills after all.....

    Anyways the Mayans never accounted for leap years and then the Romans changed a few things to so technically the world ended about 7 months ago...
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    Everyone still here? LOL

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