Hi all,

I found paleo/primal through Leangains, which was a good success for me and taught me a lot about good food choices and nutrition. I'm now keen to optimise health through eating predominantly paleo/primal, but would like to keep some elements of Leangains (IF, CBL etc).

Previously I was doing no cardio with 3 x heavy weight sessions a week (Leangains training), but now I'm looking to focus on improving my fitness alongside 2 x heavy weight sessions a week to maintain/improve strength.

  • Mon: Heavy weight training (RPT: Military Press, Deadlift, Dips)
  • Tue: Crossfit style workout
  • Wed: Low intensity exercise (run, bike or swim)
  • Thu: Heavy weight training (RPT: Squat, Bench, Pull ups)
  • Fri: Off
  • Sat: Low intensity exercise (run, bike or swim)
  • Sun: Off

The question then becomes how do I manage carb intake for optimal recovery, gains, health etc. Do I backload purely on the 2 x weight training days with 300-350g (Leangains), or consume a moderate 100-150g per day (MDA Carb Curve and PHD).

Alternatively a combination of the two with moderate carb days for crossfit and low intensity ex. I'm still interested in body composition, but not so much about being extremely lean or bulking up.