Hi, I'm Ryan.

Woke up Monday November 5th with 0 strength, I'm talking paralyzed 90-95%. Managed to get to edge of bed and fell out. I literally couldn't move. Took 6 firefighters to get me off floor. I have muscle strength back now after a ton of potassium orally and via IV, my potassium level was 2.2 and normal is like 4.4, my heart should have stopped beating. Kept me all day Monday and until about 5pm Tuesday, wasn't allowed to get up at all. They took blood 17 times and want me to come back for more over the following weeks "profound weakness with severe hypokalemia suspected due to hypokalemic periodic paralysis". Well that's some rare genetic mutation that just didn't fit considering it presents itself in childhood usually and not when you are 27 years old... people with it also experience attacks weekly, if not every single day.

So, I went and got myself my first primary care physician as a doctor. Unlike the hospital that just took blood sample after blood sample after blood sample, she spent a solid 3 hours in the examination room with me asking me question after question and looking over the bulk of my body. She decided it was actually my sodium intake, especially in the 2 days leading up to the event.

Ryan got a Striiv last week and has been striving to do 10k steps a day (since he sits at a desk 10-16 hours a day for income) as well as getting back to the gym, a place he used to be at regularly years ago until his training partner moved from Indianapolis to San Francisco leaving him with no motivation whatsoever to go to the gym.

Not sure paleo is right for me (I have a lot of issues with vegetables... textures mostly trigger my gag reflex... I can manage tomatoes, jalapenos and potatos, carots if they are boiled and very soft but I'm working on it trying to force myself to get past the gag factor on some others) but it fits my meat intake just not my plant intake so here I am!