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Thread: Training 6 days a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane. View Post
    I was thinking the core circuit purely to help building the better looking abs tbh I'm not looking for the extra lean look but a natural looking 6 pack/v shape wouldn't be a bad thing. The lifting is from mda so short and straight to the point.
    That will come from diet, you cannot change the shape of your abs and the abs don't grow that much as a muscle... so just keep dieting down and doing your squats and deadlifts. Maybe do sprints on one of those core circuit days.

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    As an update I have taken on board what alot of you said and decided to base training along the lines of:
    Monday: Krav
    Tuesday: Squats, OH Press & Pull ups
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Krav
    Friday: Squats, Deadlifts & Bench press
    Saturday: May do some additional punch bag work and planks/side bridges for abit of stretching out
    Sunday: Rest

    This will be in addition to going out for a walk/jog every morning/evening with the dog. I may possibly do a low paced 10x push up, air squat and crunch as a morning wake up to get me all loosened up before the jog aswell (obviously dependant how I am feeling that morning)

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