I am planning on trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest next Fall and have already started to do some research regarding the typical foods I can expect to be eating everyday in Nepal during my month-long trek.

It appears 90% of the food available will mainly be rice or potatoes, in one form or another, with some various veggies thrown in depending on availability and perhaps the odd egg once in awhile along the way.

Question - since I am now living Primal/low-carb and hardly ever touch rice or potatoes would it be wise to slowly re-introduce them back into my diet the month or two leading up to my trip so my body doesn't get the "shock value" of going from hardly ever eating them to all of a sudden eating (and depending on) them for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for a month?

Or... remain Primal right up to the day I leave and avoid the potatoes and rice, like I have been doing for the past year now and worry about the sudden change to my diet once I get there? Then hoping I adjust accordingly, as I won't have much of a choice and will need to eat what is available to me along the way.

My goal is to make the month long trek to Base Camp while reducing my risk of getting sick, losing energy and/or my body turning on me with the sudden change to all the rice and potatoes (carbs) for needed energy and not the meat and fats I am used to!

Obviously I know that I won't keel over from, all of a sudden, mainly eating rice and pototoes for a month but I would just apprecaite any input or thoughts to make the transition as easy as possible on my body.