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    I have this thing called a MA roller. I use it on my back and it seems to help with back muscle soreness. If I could do foam rolling without looking like a beached seal in the throws of death I might try that on my legs. I tried it once and felt so uncoordinated I never tried it again. Plus it HURTS!
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    Yeah, some low and slow activity like walking is a good idea. I also do contrast hot/cold right after my workouts. Sauna for 15 minutes/couple minutes in cold shower/back to sauna/shower....finish up by turning it on warm and done. Also epsom salt baths are great idea. Thats about it. Really just takes time otherwise. Don't take ibuprofen or anything though! The inflammatory part is healing Mark's Daily Apple

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    foam rolling and lacrosse ball work - KStar style. the fancy term they're using these days is 'myofascial release.'

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    Another vote for magnesium supplementing here... I noticed a significant drop in day-after-workout soreness after adding a magnesium supplement.

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    Another vote for the foam roller's the pleasure and the pain all at the same time

    That...and some yoga seems to work for me.

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    Are you making sure you stretch your muscles post workout? I had sort of been neglecting that part lately and my left calf has that almost constant dull soreness feel to it now.

    I think post workout stretching can be very beneficial.

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    Hot/cold/hot/cold showers after a really intense workout seems to minimize the soreness for me.

    Once you're in a routine, the soreness shouldn't be that bad. I'm having a bit of a hard time picking items up off the floor today after squatting yesterday, but I'm not in any real pain.

    How long has the DOMS thing been a problem for you?

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