So I have fully embraced replacing my diet with a Primal one and am doing pretty good. My weight loss has been a little rocky, however. I think one reason, from what I have been reading, is that I am not getting enough fat in my diet. I know this probably stems from the last bit of conventional wisdom I am holding on to but I have not quite embraced getting myself to go all in on the fat. Part of this stems from the fact that I have some high blood pressure that I have had to keep in line with a small dose of blood pressure meds(i will be so glad when i can ditch them). I will say that I do very much love coconut, and I know that coconut is a great fat to ingest. I have seen before where Mark has talked about drinking straight coconut milk, and from a taste standpoint I would LOVE to do this. I guess what this leaves me with is some questions.

First of all, what can I expect to happen with my blood pressure immediately after consuming the extra fats. Will it go up due to my body becoming acclimated to fat burning?

How much should I really be consuming a day? I am a 6'2" 260 pound male.

Besides animal fat, coconut, and avocado what other methods are recommended?

Here is an example of my diet for today just to see what I am missing:

Breakfast-4 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, bacon, and banana peppers.

Lunch - Large salad with some meat in it, and oil and vinegar dressing.

Dinner - 10oz steak, grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli.

Snack - 1 kiwifruit, and 1 handful(at most) almonds.

Please any advice you could give would be great!