I have recently decided to return to the primal diet, after getting fed up it previously and leaving to try the old calorie counting diet (with bread etc). I've been back on it just over a month.

My problem is, I have zero energy. For exampple, the bike ride that I was doing with ease on the calorie counting diet, I now have to cut short because I am buggered. A hill on the bike ride that I didn't even realise before was a hill, i.e. it is just a slight incline, leaves me gasping for breath and my lungs burning, I literally can't get enough air in. I am doing the whole ride in easier gears - I can barely get it moving using the gears I was using before.

It's not like I am low carbing either. I eat a few pieces of fruit a day, and a variety of veggies and nuts, and last night I ate a huge serving of sweet potato to try and give me some energy this morning, but it still didn't work.

This was part of the reason I left the primal way of eating last time. I was on it for months and never seemed to be able to switch from sugar-burner to fat burner...

Any tips on what I can do nutritionally to give me some energy back?