Hi there folks.

I am 57 and have recently started the primal lifestyle - I have been paleo for about 2 months and lost about a 20 pounds. During this I have also up'd the exercise side of things.

(For reference)

F, 5' 6"
was 170 pounds
now 150,
Goal 135

I live in cold, dark (this time of year), damp, Scotland - so even a walk means layering up and still being cold . I have Reynauds, I need to keep warm

I have not done much in the way of exercise over recent years and do have some arthritis.

So where should I focus on getting fit - as in what types of exercise. I have gone to the gym and looked in awe at the machines and weights- where do you begin- what are they for. There are no trainers to help or guide.

So, initially I worked on the elliptical trainer - shattering experience- red in the face for an hour afterwards! I have walked on the treadmill with some minute runs/jogs - I am a long way off a sprint. I can now do a mile in just under 13 mins on a gradual incline.

I have tried a press up (cant do it!) also tried a burpee - legs were like butter after two attempts. I feel I have come on a long way but am a bit lost in not knowing what to do in order to be able to exercise with better results . Does that make sense?

Any ideas?