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Thread: Week-long Fast

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    How are you doing Char Aznable? Keep us updated.

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    I would like to know how you're doing, too! I've been considering doing an extended fast in the future, and this thread has been enlightening.

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    I've just seen and read this whole thread. I think you're amazing!
    Is lemon juice and salt really all you need to stay nourished?
    I've just completed a 40 hour fast, and I was feeling a bit weak and off at the end of it. I'd love to go longer, but I don't know how to get the essential vitamins and minerals.

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    Hello Traveller,

    It is definitely NOT all you need to stay nourished long term, but in the short term during a fast your body will rely on it's fat stores for energy which allows your digestive system to take a break (your liver does most of the heavy lifting at this point, converting fat into ketones as I understand it). You should supplement things that your body cannot keep readily available as much as your stomach can tolerate - I use the "Paleo-Aid" as a mechanism for keeping myself hydrated and my electrolytes in check. Sometimes I will add the contents of a multivitamin capsule into the Paleo-Aid to help make sure I am getting essential vitamins and minerals. Be careful with taking actual capsules as they can be hard on your stomach (painful pressure IME) during a true fast (no calories consumed).

    Generally speaking, I made the Paleo-Aid with:
    Some form of green/herbal tea
    real Celctic salts for electrolytes/trace minerals (should be many different colors, I would avoid table salt, I use Redmond RealSalt)
    Fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice if I was feeling particularly tired/groggy for a mini-dose of sugar and additional electrolyte help
    Cleanest water you can get your hands on

    I usually drink some of this whenever I'm feeling a bit lower than I would consider normal during a fast. I consider it normal to be a little tired, light headed and sluggish during an extended fast. It can also help with hunger pangs.

    Good luck - 40 hours is impressive and about the longest I've gone myself so far!

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