I've been experimenting in recent days with IF and have been kicking my old SAD habits to the curb, trying my best to eat a more primal diet. I've managed to transition without too much difficulty. Fat is delicious!

However, due to some circumstances outside of my control, I'm really, really broke. Food money is scarce, and my family and I won't be able to go grocery shopping for at least a week; possibly longer. As a result, I've decided to fast for the next week. It's important to me that my wife and kids eat, and to be honest, I've been looking for an excuse to give a longer fast a try, so this seems like a nice way to strike a balance. My fasting record right now is about 40 hours. A whole week is going to be quite difficult, I think. There was another member here who fasted for 21 days however, and reading his account made me a little more open to trying this.

I ate a large meal today, so the fast has now begun.

I'm a 6'7" male, 24 years old, About 295 pounds. I'm looking to lose some fat and to improve my general health. Blood pressure's been a little high lately, so it'd be nice to see that drop along with the number on the scale. I plan to drink only water (including mineral water), tea and, perhaps, coffee.

I've read of people supplementing with sea salt and other such things. I think I'd be interested in doing this, but am curious as to what micronutrients I ought to be taking and in what form. Don't want my electrolytes getting out of whack.

So, I've started this thread for a few reasons. First off, I feel as though it'll keep me at least somewhat accountable. I plan to update at least once a day. Also, I'm interested in advice from more experienced fasters. If you've got any to share, or simply want to voice support, I'm cool with that. Lastly, I plan to track my progress. I'll try and take my blood pressure daily, detail my weightloss and my daily activities, in the hopes that this little account of mine might be of use to someone.

Here we go.