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Thread: The Super Secret Potato Project

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    Poor bunny, so sorry to hear that.

    Gopintos, I was always interested in the PHD, let us know how it goes. I should probably DL the latest version & check it out.
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    Ok folks, final update:

    9 day potato experiment:

    Starting Weight: 194.6
    Starting BF% 19.1%
    Fat Pounds: 37.16
    LBM Pounds: 157.43

    Ending Weight: 186.2
    Ending BF: 17.9%
    Fat Pounds: 33.32
    LBM Pounds: 152.87

    Pounds Lost: 8.4
    Fat Lost: 3.84
    LBM Lost: 4.56

    Calories Consumed: 13,312
    Calorie Average Per Day: 1479
    BMR based on 46 yr old male at 190 pounds = 1,878
    TDEE based on moderate exercise 3-5 days = 2,911
    (I had 4 bodyweight workouts, one 6 mile slog on skateboard and one 3 mi walk and two 1.5 mi walks during the period)

    2,911 * 9 Days = 26,199

    Caloric deficit created 26,199 - 13,312 = 12,887

    12,887 Calories / 3500 per pound = 3.682 pounds. I'd call this close enough.

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    Thanks for the sympathies re: passing away of my bunny, you lovely people.

    Anyway, back on topic ... I'm doing a moderate but sufficiently extreme version of the potato diet (for me!). I'm concerned about raising my cortisol levels too high, so I try to find a balance between mixing it up and fooling my body that it is in homeostasis.

    Dinner is typically about 500 g of potato mashed with a little semi-skimmed goats milk, served with about 120 g shrimps fried with leeks in a moderate amount of olive oil, and a couple of glasses of white wine. I also eat risotto with fish and vegetables and a moderate amount of fat about two nights a week.

    Today I ate 2 large bananas for breakfast, and for lunch about 450 g of veggie root mash (swede, carrot, white potato) with a moderate amount of cream mixed in, with two small smoked mackerel fillets and about 70 g of smoked salmon.

    I am eating a lot less goat's cheese and butter, and favouring goat's milk and yoghurt more (I sometimes have goat's yoghurt with honey for breakfast but usually eat mostly protein/fat for breakfast).

    I'm concurrently investigating Jack Kruse's hypothesis that significant saturated fat blocks absorption/benefits of omega 3. Hence I am not combining cheese and fish nearly so often. To be honest cheese is just about the only food that I currently eat which I find addictive. I just love the fish/cheese combo though - especially a classic fish pie with mashed potato and melted cheese on top.

    Also generally I am raising low-level cardio back up to where it was a few months ago. I am noticing a marked thermic effect during exercise from swapping fat for carbs.

    Best of all I can enjoy balanced meals with friends and family who are not 'primal'. Meat/fish + potatoes and veg was typical English fayre before pasta and wholegrains became so fashionable and it's still popular as pub grub.
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    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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    Oh man, it was hard to choke down a potato for breakfast this morning! It wasn't so bad at mid-morning when I had a few slices of raw potato for a crunchy snack to hold me to lunch. And the leftover oven-baked russet that I had for lunch was passable, though dry. It's taking a lot of herb salt to make them interesting any more. And thank goodness I was having a "bland-ish" regular dinner - leftover smoked turkey and cauliflower with garlic butter. Now I feel stuffed. I'm glad I had a 2 day plan in mind this week because I don't think I could face another all potato day tomorrow.

    But I love the weight loss, the lack of hunger, the ability to look chocolates and home-baked treats in the eye and not flinch, the satiety. I'll be back for more, maybe as soon as later this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marthat View Post
    Oh man, it was hard to choke down a potato for breakfast this morning!

    Good Job!

    It's funny, I did a 16/8 and when I did eat something, I wanted a tator! ha. I had grilled some steak on the foreman last night, and I saw someone's picture yesterday, maybe that one guy hmm, can't think of his name, but anyways, I saw a picture of hashbrowns fixed in a foreman (oh, free the animal dude maybe) so anyways, I just had to have some! Then at some point today, I had some sweet tator rounds leftover from dinner last night. Weird, huh?!

    P-B said something, that I noticed also and might have mentioned it on the other tator thread, but including tators and rice and sweet tators does make it so much easier to cook for my family. Meat & tators are the basic food groups around this part of the country (and beer if you ask DH) so I am back to fixing dinners that the rest of the family enjoys also. I can eat stir-fry veggies every night, but they like a little more variety.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hebsie View Post
    .... <tick, tick, tick> ... sitting silent here, just waiting for Paleobird to join in and jump all over this post -- only because, really, that's what she does...hebs

    ps....nice work p-b
    Why on earth would I "jump all over it"? I have no problem with people finding success in different ways. Dialing back the fat, upping the carbs and restricting calories is one way. The way I did it was dialing back the fat, upping the protein and restricting the calories. Not so very different.

    And I think planks are one of the best exercises ever. They have really worked for me too. That plank-off challenge sounds great.

    And, paleo-bunny, my condolences on the loss of your furry friend. The animals we take into our homes and hearts are members of the family. Anybody who doesn't "get" this isn't someone I want to know.

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    Off potatoes for a couple of days. Yesterday felt hard, all potatoes until suppertime, then had turkey and cauliflower (with high fat gravy and garlic butter respectively), but then was peckish all evening, getting into tiny bits of stuff. No gluten grains, just some potato chips, a few grapes. Wasn't sure what I was wanting to satisfy me, but I wasn't finding it.

    Weight at 148.5 this morning. I"m having eggs this morning.

    Based on 8 days of potatoes in the last 3 weeks, I'm down 6 lbs, and no longer stuck in my "fat pants". Pretty good return on the investment, I'd say...

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    Martha - Great job!!!!!

    Being out of the fat pants is GREAT. I also had to retire mine after my neighbor said "Julie, what is
    up with the super baggy jeans - you know you're skinnier than those things make you look".

    She doesn't know I wear my HUGE homeless clothing attire because it's comfortable, but, whatever.

    Anyway, I was able to buy a pair of jeans in the girls department for TWELVE DOLLARS. I LOVE twelve
    dollars and I love the girls department because they make the jeans the right fit for my STUPID boy
    shaped body. Yanno, the rectangle with an ass. That's me.

    Paleo-Bunny, very sorry to hear about your rare-bit. I've had two rabbits myself, and COMPLETELY
    understand what a great companion they are, and my loss of them 6 years ago was a painful one as
    well, so, I feel you.

    On the upside, I was at my favorite walking trail one day, where there are a bunch of feral cats - I heard a
    strange "barking" type noise, searched around down a huge steep hill/cliff in the damn THORN bushes and
    found myself a 5 week old kitten!

    That "kitten" is now a little over a year old and the bestest pet EVER.

    I've NEVER, and I mean NEVER (you may understand this being a rabbit person too) been "pro-cat", but OMG,
    girrrrrrrl, THIS cat is JUST like one of my rabbits! She chins stuff, she does that wonky head move before she's
    about to do something EVIL, and a BUNCH of other crazy rabbit type things. SO WEIRD.

    So, why I'm telling you this, is that maybe when you're done grieving, you might want to think about getting
    a kitten for a switch up.

    I never ever, EVER thought in my ENTIRE life that I would LOVE something THIS MUCH.

    You would have to know me to understand the magnitude of that sentence, but, yeah, it's crazy love.


    Okay! Potatoes!!!

    Is anyone else going to carry on with the project? Gopintos, you still in? Or are you done?

    I'm still holding on to my 1.2lbs that I "gained" when going off potatoes and eating all that crapola,
    but that is fully fine with me.

    Went to the gym Monday and all my lifts were still where they were last week, so no deleterious
    effects that way.

    I've been MEANING to do potatoes during the day and then meat, veggies and more potatoes for dinner,
    but, ahem, it really hasn't worked out that way, but I NEED to because my MIL is coming this next
    Tuesday and it's going to be a god damned feeding frenzy when she gets here.

    She's from a small town in Minnesota that only has ONE fast food place - A&W Root Beer, so when MIL
    comes here, holy lord, watch out, she wants piles and piles of good food. Stuff we make at home, stuff
    SHE makes for us, and then it's on like ping pong for McDonald's, Chinese food, Armadillo Willy's, PIZZA
    three times at LEAST, Mexican food and Togo's.

    And she's here for TEN DAYS.

    Doesn't mean I have to eat all of it, but it's hard man, HARD.

    At least I can't drink anymore.... that's good. Cuz every time she comes at xmas for her 10 days,
    we would EACH drink a bottle of wine at night. EVERY NIGHT. Crazy.

    Okay! Welp, y'all got me during my coffee loquacious time in the morning. Sorry!


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    Wow, that sounds like an on-slaught of the fast food, lol. Hang in there! I am thinking I might try potatoes on Friday when I will be backing 8 or so gingerbread houses for a GBH party we have on Sunday. Though I might do a frutarian day - gotta show Chaco how many apples a gal can eat in a day, LOL!

    Ladies, anyone has a secret to how not to eat the dough (or the house!) when baking at home all day (well I'll do a kick ass workout first, and maybe have to chop for the party, but then it's flour, ginger, molasses and nutmeg....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    Ladies, anyone has a secret to how not to eat the dough (or the house!) when baking at home all day (well I'll do a kick ass workout first, and maybe have to chop for the party, but then it's flour, ginger, molasses and nutmeg....)
    You print out a picture of yourself at your HEAVIEST and tape it to the palm of your hand!

    Or somewhere in the room where YOU can see it but no one else can....

    I did this once to the inside of cupboards AND my refrigerator when my boys were small and
    wouldn't catch on, but these days I'd have to be more discrete so they wouldn't ask questions. . . .

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