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Thread: The Super Secret Potato Project

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    I am still at 212 lbs no loss this AM ,I have been eating about 1000 cals, so far no problem mabe a little light headed, and I can not spell (lol).

    Since 11-22 12lbs lost I need to measure myself My pants are almost sliding off , or get a belt lol.

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    I took my measurements, in last 8 days lost 8 inches most around my "muffin top" thighs and hips, I think I was carrying a lot of water weight

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    oops that is over two weeks not one week,

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    I probably just undid everything I did this week I had 2, yes 2 margaritas. But small ones. Smallish. And I ordered the steak but I only could eat half of it. I had a few chips and salsa. A couple bites of the beans. The rice was too spicy. Go figure. So I didnt eat particularly bad, but I am not a drinker... not much anyways. And I had 2 of the 12 oz. And it went down like kool-aid.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey

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    No no no Margaritas! LOL. The sugar in that is worse than the tequila. Plus bars tend to put crap alcohol in mixed drinks unless specified. In this country, unless a tequila states on the label that it is 100% agave, it only has to be 51% agave to call itself tequila, and that's what is used in mixed drinks. Between the sugar in the margarita part of the drink, and the half assed tequila, you're going to get sick. I think the drink of choice for tequila drinkers now is a NorCal Margarita; not sweet - lime juice and club soda.

    There is a sugar-free margarita mix that I was able to find in OR - Mr. Bob's maybe? Something like that. But that trades sugar for sugar substitues, so depending on your POV, I'm not sure which is worse. Better yet, get a low shelf 100% agave like Lunazul and put it in the freezer or fridge for shots. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.

    Anyway, now that I've ranted like a goof ball re: tequila, you probably will see a jump in the scale tomorrow. From the salt. Not to worry. A Mexican meal is worth a little water weight that you can pee out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Anyway, now that I've ranted like a goof ball re: tequila, you probably will see a jump in the scale tomorrow. From the salt. Not to worry. A Mexican meal is worth a little water weight that you can pee out.
    Thank gawd, you had me worried... it didnt have salt so I should be okay!! hahaha At least not on the rim anyways.

    Geesh, you know your alcohol haha. I should have posted my intent sooner. Actually, I didnt know it was my intent. I ordered unsweet tea, and he was like are you sure you dont want blah blah blah. And he saw us coming a mile away so he milked it ha.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey

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    Day 5 turned out to be a mostly potato day, despite what I posted yesterday morning. So instead of having eggs for B, I ended up running out the door to an appointment and had no breakfast, just coffee. And I was OK, right up until noon. Unfortunately, lunch at work is 12:30, so I was hungry for a half hour, but then had my one medium redskin, baked in the mic, and I was fine again. It was a Christmas come-and-go tea at my workplace yesterday (a nursing home), right outside my office door, but I ate a raw potato, sliced into crunchy slices, at my desk (discreetly - it looks pretty weird!), and totally avoided the enormous spread of goodies. Supper was a BBQ burger with avocado, no bun.

    Had my usual Friday night martini, then a few potato chips shared with hubby (in the hopes that food would counteract the effects of the too-big martini). I figured that at least they were potatoes - haha! Thank goodness we were at home and I only needed to negotiate the stairs up to bed!

    Anyways, weight this morning is down another half lb to 147.5, 2.5 lbs below last Saturday. If I can keep the rebound reasonable, I will get back onto potatoes on Monday for another go of at least 2 days. I'm really liking the appetite suppressing effect of this approach.

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    Wow Martha, great job!

    I hear what you're saying about the possible rebound effect.... Potatoes
    are a thing of the past for me today, and all I can think about is about
    3 large pizzas from my favorite place.... but I know that'll have me up 75lbs
    in water, so I'm going to TRY to negotiate my food "cleanly" (lame!) today..

    Though it's going to be hard because last night I was DREAMING about all the stupid
    shit I get to eat today.

    Also, who can have just ONE martini? Really? ONE? Was it the size of a 24qt stock pot? Hope so.

    One. I could never do "just one" of any cocktail back when I was a Professional Drinker.

    @Gopintos - Mexican food is my weakness. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If *I*
    were YOU at that restaurant, I would have OWNED that menu, ordering one of everything and then
    eating it. Then probably would have done potatoes for another 3 days to rectify the situation, and
    as my penance.

    So don't feel bad. In the face of Mexican food, I offer my wrists to be cuffed.

    Okay, so yesterday's stats are up next and then I'm going to come back later
    when I've finally weighed myself today, for the grand Sum Up.

    Day 5 - 12/7/12

    Weight - 123.8 = -2lbs


    M1: coffee, 15g cream, 120g 2% milk - 111cals

    M2: 235g sweet potato with salt - 211cals

    M3: 315 russet potato with salt - 248 cals

    M4: 450g red potatoes with salt - 324cals

    Total Calories - 897

    I wasn't really hungry yesterday, but Thursday night I started feeling a little
    "weird", from what I suspected as/from too low of calories. It's a feeling that
    I've felt before, so I decided to make a concentrated effort yesterday to pork
    down potatoes, but it wasn't easy. I had to have a big glass of water with each
    meal and take a sip after, then will myself to eat another bite! Argh!

    Exercise - Took a slow walk with a friend for an hour or so. My usual back and
    forth to school a thousand times. Chores around the house, and then a night
    walk with the Man Unit and the kids to steal tangerines from a tree that is
    just absolutely BURGEONING with them. Got lots. Couple pomegranates too.

    Steps - 15,559 = 7.7miles

    Bodybugg stats - 2093cals burned minus 897 eaten = 1196 deficit.

    Okay, will be back later after I weigh myself with a succinct summary of the week.

    I'm interested to find out if CICO adds up to the "3500 calories for a pound of fat"
    (or whatever I've lost) lines up with my bodybugg calories/deficit and what I've
    done for the week.

    It'd be cool to know that the thing is calibrated to do what it says it does, and that
    I'm not old and broken like I thought.



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    @ Julie - One of hubby's martinis is at least 3-4 oz of pure booze - enough to make it hard for me to get up off the couch gracefully. Couldn't imagine more. It's become a Friday night ritual after our long week and my evening of coaching a Special Olympics team. I need it by then...

    Wow, tangerines and pomogranates hanging from the neighbourhood trees!?! I wish! - it's snowing here!

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    Hi all!

    This is the summary of my 7 day tuber fest.

    Start weight: 139 pounds
    Final weigh in: 137 pounds
    Average calories eaten over 6 days: 948

    ~ I ate a mixture of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes
    ~ Everything that passed my lips was weighed on a digital scale, to the gram
    ~ I broke the potato fast on the last day at lunchtime. Started the day with sweet potatoes, then had a late lunch consisting of an omelette with smoked salmon and avocado. Was so stuffed from the omelette that I skipped dinner. Final weigh in was the morning after
    ~ Overall, I am happy that the scale went down! But I am not considering it a real loss because it is still in the realm of my daily fluctuations. My stubborn set point at the moment is 138 pounds, give or take a few. One glass of champagne for instance can send me up to 140 for about 2 weeks.
    ~ The main conclusion that I can draw is that the amount I ate was sufficient to maintain my 138 pounds on my 5.4 frame
    ~ I do have thyroid issues that I am currently untreated for. T3 is currently in the S$?!tter so I might need to sort that out! But it should not be impossible to lose weight with thyroid issues, it should just be harder to do so.
    ~ Also, I will ovulate either tomorrow or Tuesday - typically this causes a blip on the scale for a few days, so this could have confounded the results. Generally I can only lose any scale weight a few days after menstruation, and a few days during luteal phase, giving me on average about 10~14 days out of the month for fat loss.
    ~ Overall I feel far less water-retainy than usual - perhaps all that potassium?

    Okies, today I will just eat normal paleo food. I plan to do another potato fest next week, this time with only white potatoes! I think the sweet potatoes are slowing me down. Will continue to update in this thread! Love watching everyone's results
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