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    It's not hypothetical!

    We have two locations here in Portland--The Cultured Caveman
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    You'd probably do better with a food truck. We try to find food trucks to come out to my office once a week or once every other week... from 100ish people in our office on a private gated parking lot the trucks run out of stuff between 10:30am and 1:30pm. They have a vegetarian nacho truck that comes and people empty it out and don't even realize it's fake meat because there is only a tiny sticker on it that proclaims it a vegan truck and anytime they list a meat as a topping it's in "" "beaf" topping "cheese" topping. 2 different cajun ones clean up, and I know there is a gluten free one downtown that is always busy.

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    That's very cool! I'm sorry I live on the east coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbird View Post
    It's not hypothetical!

    We have two locations here in Portland--The Cultured Caveman
    Just what I was going to say! Plus, Dick's Kitchen is paleo inspired and I eat there regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    Don't 50% of the restaurants fail in the first year? A niche restaurant like that, with high quality ingredients just doesn't stand a chance imo. Mark-up is just too hard to achieve as well as the turn around. Basically it is a steakhouse without the cheap sides. Cheap and bulk, soups and stews might have a bit more luck. Still, I believe that a food joint is too much of a dream for too many of people to bother even trying. It's neither easy, nor glamorous, nor you are 'your own woman' or all the other BS they put in the motherhood and apple pie books. My 2 cents.
    Well, Leida's taken care of the wine list.

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    Depends on where you live - in my country for example, the 'low-carb' movement is pretty high, but as far as I know the capital does not yet have a fully primal restaurant. Since the primal diet is only now on the verge of making it somewhat maintream, I reckon you could either make it big (if you find a perfect location) or break big time since not enough people around eat the way you do.

    But yes, a food truck might be a good idea. So might a fast food stand, where you could serve slightly more expensive, but much healthier, primal food for people on the go. You could keep pre-heated primal hotdogs, meat and fish and serve in salad wraps and other fancy primal solutions. I've always dreamed of a primal restaurant that would have a proper, expensive diners' part, and one for the slightly cheaper, faster 'on-the-go' foods. Pretty much a restaurant where you have one mcdonalds counter for the ones who aren't going to get a table for the rest of the evening.

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