Hi! I'm a 20 yr old male, 178 lbs, about 15% bodyfat, been primal (roughly speaking) for about a year now, and for various reasons have decided to fast for anywhere from 5-10 days. I'm sorta experienced with fasting -- have done IF for roughly two years, but never anything longer than 24 hours. Naturally, I'm going to lose some muscle... but I'd really like not to lose too much. This is the plan so far:

The day before:
--Hard, full-body, ~3 hr workout
--Large, energy-dense meal with about 100g protein. Will probably end up eating around 2k-3k calories, tons of veggies, rice, butter, potatoes

The goal for the day before is to swell up the glycogen stores as much as possible, as well as give me some momentum toward muscle conservation.

During the fast:
--No food, only water

Pretty self-explanatory.

Now for the questions:
Do I do any strength training whatsoever during the fast?
Is there anything non-caloric I should be consuming (caffeine, vitamins, tea, coffee, etc.)?
Anything else I can do to preserve muscle?