My parents hate me eating different(primal), hate whenever I try something new, anything they never heard of is stupid. They are Christians. The arrogant, stubborn kind(I realize not all are like that). I have given up such a faith, but they don't know that. My mother talked about how I would eat anything and my skin was perfect, now a soon as I stopped and started eating crap(healthy food), she says,"your skin looks like shit" and that just pissed me off.

Anyway, I'm glad my father let me get the PB book to read, and I'm am very excited to incorporate more things that are not available for free. How do I deal with this bullshit? When I leave, I will leave without hesitation, I'll tell I don't believe in there war/but he loves you god and tell them in there face.

I'm 15, male. Been PB on an off because of pressure(serious fucking pressure). I'm doing it now for good, giving my all.