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Thread: Stand-Up Desks Gaining Favor in the Workplace - NYTimes page

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    Stand-Up Desks Gaining Favor in the Workplace - NYTimes

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    the health hazards of sitting for long stretches are significant even for people who are quite active when they’re not sitting down.
    Stand-Up Desks Gaining Favor in the Workplace -

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    Yes, that is interesting. I read the first article back..earlier this year? And have tried to stand more. I was certainly seeing problems develop from sitting, but didn't know how bad it was for me enforce reading that.

    In my business during the summer I sit too much. Can't avoid it, no way to stand and work. BUT in my part time retail job I stand too much. Haven't found a good solution except to stand as often as possible during breaks from the sitting job and rest on the recliner as often as possible after a day in the retail job. Swim as often as possible whilst doing the sitting job too.
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