After reading many previous posts regarding blood work test results coming back with high LDL numbers
yet HDL and Triglycerides numbers right where you want them I haven't really seen anything that talks about
VLDL numbers and their significance. I head to the Doctor's on Thursday and want to be as educated as
possible because I KNOW my cholesterol numbers are going to be discussed.

What role does the VLDL numbers play in all this?

My results are as follows:

Cholesterol Total: 244
Triglycerides: 47
HDL: 83
LDL: 152
VLDL: 9 reference range (5-40)

My father had a heart attack at 49. Fit and active at the time. No one else in the family with heart disease.
I still have the risk factor however since he is my parent. (He is still alive and well 25 years after his bypass surgery).
I have no intentions of going on medication. There is lots of room for improvement in my diet and lifestyle
that I can address first. I am sure my blood work will be discussed at my physical this week and I want to
be sure that I know what I am talking if my doctor just brings up the "bad" cholesterol numbers and doesn't
even mention that VLDL number which sounds like it is in a good range.
Any input would be great.