Hi there! I'm pretty new to this world of Primal eating, and I'm loving it so far.

Most days I'm fine with 3 meals per day (or fewer) with occasional fasting days (not regimented). This goes for work days (10 hour work day, desk job) and weekends that are much less structured.

So the eating thing is going really well for me EXCEPT when I'm studying. It's so odd! After an hour or so of hitting the books, all I want is to snack on things. I'm not jonesing meal food, but for finger food - doesn't matter if it's salty or sweet. I guess it's not really a "hungry" thing but what the heck is it? And how do I deal with it? Because I haven't been studying very much lately but I have to buckle down in preparation for January mid-terms (yes, I'm on a very odd school schedule!)

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with my study munchies?

Thanks in advance!