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Thread: Oxtail stew recipe

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    Oxtail stew recipe

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    I recently found this recipe for oxtail stew: Oxtail Stew Recipe | Simply Recipes

    Made it last night, and it was awesome. Oxtails with carrots, parsnips, and turnips make a great combination.

    The only part of the recipe I didn't follow was where it says to separate the fat and discard it.
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    Hey Mike ... good on you, pal! Leave the fat*in.

    The recipe does look good and I'm glad you enjoyed it properly ... with the fat.

    In days gone by, we'd have some bread or drop in some dumplings to soak up the fat, but the fat would still be in our dietary intake. Just eat it down and enjoy it.

    I love oxtail.

    Great to hear from someone else who enjoyed the heck out of their oxtail meal.

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