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Thread: New to Primal

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    Dec 2012

    Cool New to Primal

    Location - Northwest

    Age - 57

    Why Primal - Gained 50 #'s in the last 20 years. High cholesterol

    Dairy - 1/2-1/2 in coffee, daily non-fat latte, 2 oz. cheese about 2x/wk

    Coffee/tea - yes please. Coffee - 2 decaf, 1 triple shot/day and 4+ green tea/day

    Motivator - Tired of people saying, "you aren't fat, just big and strong". Dont' want to be the "big girl" anymore, I want my waist back!

    Fave Food - I am a protein hog and man I love bacon!

    The Best - bacon and IF (intermittant fasting)

    The Worst - giving up daily wine

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    Aug 2012
    the Netherlands
    Hi, welcome to pb. If you continue with diary you'd better add cream to your coffee, full fat diary products are healthier and more satiating

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