This has probably(definatly) been done to death before I'm sure, but my forum and google searches arn't helping bring up actually peoples experiance - I'm probably crap as searching or just have no tolerance for sifiting through stuff I don't want to read.

Last week or so I have been making an effort to drop my carbs even lower (avoiding sweet potatoes, cutting down on carrots and other root veg, increasing fat, and increasing gree stuff till I feel I might moo)

When I did my lift heavy (I really went for it all out, so was hanging by the end) I was ok most of the day, by towards the end of the day I found myself craving carbs badly, I had a banana with some heavy gloopy cream, felt a bit better, IIRC I also had 25 grams of 85% dark chocolate, I felt a bit more better, but that could just be the chocolate effect. I was still hungry so had some almonds with butter on (weird I know but actually rather yum) and several spoonfuls of the gloopy thick double cream.

Felt satisfied after piling all that fat into mr

So what I want to know if how do you react to high intesity training and low carbing.

From my limited knowledge of biochemistry I beleive that body uses glycogen when doing intense stuff - and that has to be repalced from somewhere, and is either gonna be from carbs or from protien.

Will I get enought to replace stores while eating low-carb if I tough out the carb craving and just pile down the fat and protien?

I'd be interested to hear what works for real people, thanks