I've been following the primal eating rules to the letter for the past 3 months and have lost 9kgs. I'm now very close to being within BMI range so wasn't horribly overweight to start, although now feel much better. One issue I have is that all the beef and chicken we eat has to be kosher. I therefore cannot control where I get these foods from. I haven't yet checked but am pretty sure that not all of it would be grass feed. I imagine the chicken, of which I eat a lot, is corn fed at best. The beef could be grass fed but may not be. The question I have is whether eating grain or corn fed meat / poultry is going to significantly affect the benefits of my primal eating? Is it as bad as eating the grains themselves? I would appreciate any information on this. Perhaps it has been covered before in this forum or elsewhere and you can steer me to a link. Thank you - Brad (newbie)