Hi All,

Wondering if any parents out there know of any wet weather appropriate 'soft-soled' shoes that come in toddler size 7 and up? Robeez soft-soles and SoftStars are great for dry summer weather, but are unsuitable for our cold, rainy winters.

The little guy has been wearing Robeez Mini-Shoez (which are awesome) but they only go up to size 6, and he is about to outgrow them.

So far, all of the other brands of toddler shoes I have looked at (Pediped, Jack and Lily, Stride Rite, See Kai Run, etc. etc.) have such rigid soles - even though they all claim to be "the next best thing to barefoot." I don't know how these shoes get podiatrist approval for little feet!

I'm hoping to find something water resistant, with a super thin, flexible rubber sole or laminated leather sole (much like the Robeez MiniShoes).

Any ideas?