I've been primal on and off since March of this year. I keep thinking I can be bad for one day on a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving) and then continue with primal after the one day. But I every time I do that, I get sucked into SAD eating and am instantly back to my sugar addiction. Then I have to re-commit to primal, go through the low carb flu and cravings to get back on track. Why do I do this to myself??!! I feel so good when I'm primal. Why can't I just let go of the SAD eating? Well, actually I do know why. I'm an emotional eater. Nothing compares to the pleasure of a carb-induced food coma.
I was doing pretty good with primal until Thanksgiving. I went hog wild and have been pigging out on SAD food ever since. Actually, worse than just regular SAD food. I've been pigging out on junk food non-stop.
But I'm ready to rejoin the primal team! I'm back to my meat and plants today and beyond. I want to beat sugar once and for all.
I hope this journal will help me stay focused and help me to sort out any issues that come up. I plan to write an entry at least once a day.

Primal laws I've followed so far today:
Played - went to the beach, read, walked my dog, took a swim
Got sunshine - soaked it in at the beach
Ate meat and plants - kind of. ate cheese and beef patty for breakfast
Lift heavy things - doing a dumbbell workout as soon as I'm finished writing this

Looking forward to being my best me again soon!