I have been eating the PB way for a month now, and I am really loving it, eating real food with real flavor. However, I am concerned about my dairy intake. I'm trying to keep it in moderation, but there is no doubt, I am a cheeseoholic and once I get a taste of it, I can't seem to stop myself from eating the whole thing. I also love creamy dressings on my salads, bleu cheese is my favorite. But its so delicious that I go way overboard. I don't know if I am lactose intolerant. I might be a little bit, but it's never been enough to really bother me. I've tried switching to oil and vinegar type dressings but they are just not satisfying me enough to make me want my big ass salad for lunch. I'm afraid that my dairy intake might be throwing off my weight loss because of the high calorie content.

I guess my questions are:
1. Should I deprive myself of cheese since I can't control my portions, or is a once a week chunk of cheddar ok?
2. Is there a better way to make a creamy salad dressing base that is primal?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!