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    I moved to the primal diet in August, and this week I had my first bod pod and physical assessment since that time. I've been averaging 60-65% fat, 20-30% protein and ~10% carbs.

    In that time I've only lost ~3 pounds fat, and gained no lean body mass at all. This wasn't as good as my last bod pod and assessment in early September just after I changed from a CW low-fat diet. My trainer doesn't believe what I've told him about my diet as I should be further along if I have been sticking to those macros - though he still doesn't think that is enough protein for the work I am doing. I HAVE been sticking with those macros with NO cheating and I don't blame him for not believing me.

    So I am taking his advice and tossing the counting thing out the window. I am going to reverse my macro mix to protein/fat/carbs instead of fat/protein/carbs. I am not going back to a low fat diet, but I did lower my protein intake significantly when I "went primal" - and I think he is right about that being the problem. I certainly won't be adding grains or dairy and will stick with good quality animal and plants!
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