Hi all,

I'm severely insulin resistant and currently take 1,000mg of metformin every day. My blood glucose is normal. I'm 42F and have about 30lbs to lose.

I have been advised to adopt a diet that will take me into ketosis and it sounds like Primal doesn't recommend that for more than a few days. I've been tracking my carbs and weight and it seems that if I get over about 60-70gms a day, my weight goes up on the scale the next day. I'm assuming that this is mainly due to water retention and inflammation. Would that be right?

Is it it safe/advisable to stay below 60gm for a long time? I figure if I stop eating processed food, sugar, dairy and grains, something has to give. I'm a total carb addict and find it hard to go for more than about a week without ending up in a binge.