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Thread: Insulin resistance and weight loss

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    Insulin resistance and weight loss

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    Hi all,

    I'm severely insulin resistant and currently take 1,000mg of metformin every day. My blood glucose is normal. I'm 42F and have about 30lbs to lose.

    I have been advised to adopt a diet that will take me into ketosis and it sounds like Primal doesn't recommend that for more than a few days. I've been tracking my carbs and weight and it seems that if I get over about 60-70gms a day, my weight goes up on the scale the next day. I'm assuming that this is mainly due to water retention and inflammation. Would that be right?

    Is it it safe/advisable to stay below 60gm for a long time? I figure if I stop eating processed food, sugar, dairy and grains, something has to give. I'm a total carb addict and find it hard to go for more than about a week without ending up in a binge.

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    It is safe to live in ketosis. Paleobird does it for epilepsy. Just modify the list of primal foods to eat so that you stay as low carb as possible. The best thing about eating primal isn't about the carbs, it's about the food quality. Eating real food will allow your body to actually heal.
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    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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