Hello Good People:

I am hoping to start some discussion, not to ask a specific question or make a specific point.

I'm a 52 y.o. male, professional w/ a sedentary career, who has been athletically active my entire adult life.

I have followed numerous different eating regimens.

Recently, I have been exposed to, for lack of a better label, what I will term, "Mindful Eating."

Yes, I'd heard, "chew your food well," since childhood, along with, "eat slowly," "don't rush your food," "sit while eating," "don't eat while doing other things," (e.g., driving, watching TV,) etc., etc., etc.

Over the last 15 years or so, I've definitely followed a LC approach to eating. Initially influenced by Dr. Atkins, up through the Drs. Eades, Gary Taubes, Dr. Attia and of course Mark Sisson. While I can't recall where, I believe I've seen the advice in the works of some (all) of these authors, to eat until satisfied, i.e., not "stuffed."

I had a tendency to disregard this important consideration, thinking of LC as "safe," almost a "free pass" to eat "as much as I want."

Recently, I have been, for the first time every, giving consideration to "Hara Hachi Bu," "Systematic Undereating,""Eat when hungry, don't when not." "REALLY REALLY REALLY sloooooowing down meals, chewing, chewing, chewing. Putting the fork down mid-meal and taking 2 minutes to breath, giving the "stretch receptors," a real chance to catch up....meditatively observing what else is going on for me when I "want" to eat, having some water at first sign of hunger and watching what happens to the sensation, etc., etc., etc.

I see now how I've had so many habits that were counterproductive. "Oh it's LC / Paleo friendly?" chomp, chomp, chomp, w/o much thought to how much & how often. I see how "racey" I am internally and how I've expressed that through eating. Calming down with eating is also calming me down generally. I'm liking it.

Anyway, this "new" approach is a process for me, but I am finding it very rewarding. I have gotten value from the work of Dr. Michelle May (AmIHungry.com) I hope it might be of value to others here.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear about the experience of others with "how" they eat, more so than "what" they eat.