I am a 30 years old mom of 4 small kids. I've let myself go terribly and have for the last 2 yeas been trying to fix it. When my youngest dd was discovered to have celiacs the whole house went gluten free. A lot of mysterious problems I'd had for years vanished but my weight was not coming off despite working out and religious calorie counting. I had another baby and the post baby weight loss completely stopped and I am still, 10 months later, 210 lbs at 5'3''.

I don't look it, I carry my weight well, but I feel it! My husband and children are gazelles and I'm an elephant. I may never be long and lean like them but I certainly want to change my life and how I feel. I have been eating primal for 2 days and managed to keep my carbs at 100 yesterday and 76 today. I ate plenty. My calories for both days were around 1500. The reason I even looked more into low carb eating is my brother. He lost 130 lbs over the course of a year and a half and has kept it off for a year. He eats 50 grams of carbs or less when he needs to loose weight and eats no more than 200 when maintaining. He is 154 lbs and 5'7. He inspired me, and to be honest, spurred my jealousy a bit! We are a competitive bunch!

I hope to loose around 65 lbs over the next year. I want to set a good example to my children and be healthy for them.