Today I was discussing the influence of environment and nutrition on height with a biological anthropologist. He mentioned the Turkana people of Kenya, who are very tall and have traditionally depended mainly on meat, blood and milk from cattle and camels. Then he went on to call this a "high protein, low fat diet."


Once I pointed out that the milk from these animals is pretty fatty, and they're probably not processing it to remove any of the fat, he agreed that this is not a low fat diet, but I still can't understand why he initially tried to pass it off as one.

Either he was trying to pull the wool over our eyes or there are multiple definitions of low-fat floating around. I hope it's the latter because this guy is a respected anthropologist, and I'd like to think that he and others in the field aren't trying to shove this kind of data into the CW worldview. That's just bad science, and also very disheartening.

What do you think?