This all started with some overcooked deer roast, probably shoulder or rump.

To roast I used an espresso rub (coffee and chili and probably salt and pepper, it's got a little spice to it). I cooked it for way too long and it was dry so for leftovers I came up with this.

Carmelize onions and soften green pepper by frying in a pan.
Cut up leftover roast and put in pan with onions and peppers after they have cooked a bit.
Add liquid to pan, 1/2 cup chicken or beef stock, 1/2 cup red wine (cabernet is good), a few splashes of worcestershire sauce (not sure if that's primal).
Cook down liquid so it's juicy, but not soupy.
Scoop serving onto plate.
Top with swiss cheese.

I thought this came out great especially since I was trying to use up some leftovers that weren't going to taste great otherwise.