Guys, Need some input. Tell me if this is OK for a primal start.

Day 1.
Protein Shake with tblspoon olive oil

3 Hard boiled Eggs

3 cooked eggs with bacon

1 orange

4 strawberries

handfull of cashews

2 grad fed beef patties topped with provolone (i know the cheese isnt strictly primal)
1 cup of brussells sprouts sauteed in bacon and butter

Day 2.

3 eggs with bacon

2 hard boiled eggs

handfull almonds

protein shake w/ olive oil

3 starwberries

6 scallops fried in nutter from grass fed cows.
1 cup brussels sprouts sauteed in bacon and butter

both days MFD has the calorie count at around 2100

is this a good start....or go with more.

my goal is weight loss