About 6 months ago two of my brothers started Primal. They loved it. I thought I would try it. I noticed significant changes in the beginning. My wife an RN was very concerned about me and said that I shouldn't removed wheat, rice, corn, legumes from my diet. I continued on getting more and more primal. My workouts changed from chronic cardio to a different pace. My wife noticed I was feeling more and more tired and I was experiencing a lot of foggy thinking. I felt like my brain was full running slowly.
On my trip to AZ I spoke with my other brother who is an MD and he talked me out of the diet. He was pissed.
I slowly went back on to my former diet.
A few years ago I was diagnosed with MCTD. Since getting off the primal diet my MCTD has come back raging. I am in mild pain all throughout my body.
Does anybody else have MCTD or an auto-immune disorder that has benefited from going primal.
Looking for information.

I live in San Diego,
56 years old
love to cycle
drink coffee
some dairy