*** peaks in****


It looks safe here. Maybe the evil CW wont find me. I've been locked up in their institution for a while. While trying to breakout, (elimination diet) I've learned that glutton is a no-no for me. Coconut and dairy products make me wheeze and congest me. Soy and I can not be best buds and it is in almost every process foods. CW keeps beckoning me back. The only thing they can trap me with is diet pepsi and chocolate. It's my achilles heel.

For the month of December I'm going to get rid of diet pepsi. Instead I will drink seasonal tea. I tasted the gingerbread and candy canes one and the were good. Generally I don't like hot drinks. Not a coffee person and black and green teas I just add a sugar substitute and make them iced. I tried the gingerbread as iced and it was blah.

Today for breakfast was bacon and eggs. I made extra and shared them with KC. He decided to make me feel guilty by looking at me while I ate. What he dosen't know was that I was onto him and already planned for him to get the leftovers. I think he is getting really spoiled he is eating his kibble less and less.

My goals is to be healthy. I need to lose weight and when I finish typing, I will go and weigh myself. The last time was a couple of months ago and was at 240. I will only weigh once a week on Fridays before my personal torture (training) session at the gym. I will also put in more effort to make my lunch. If I do this CW will have less of pull on me. They of course had to put a checkers right in front of where I work and a host of other temptations. The only time I eat bread is when I eat out. It doesn't matter if I know it will make me feel icky, I just can't seem to eat the hamburger without the bun.

I'm probabaly 75% primal. The times when I am not is mainly on my weekends. I am hoping that journaling will give me more motivation and accountability.

***I've got to hide, I think one of the CW policeman is coming. More later....****