Starting fresh now, as for some reason my account was deactivated as spam and all my threads disappeared... have no idea what happened, but at least I can use my account again!

Fell of the wagon primal-wise recently, but trying again as of tonight. I can't believe how hard it is to follow if the groceries get low. But we're all stocked up and dinner tonight was steak and buttered carrots. And a couple glasses of milk - a bit much there, but my last jug spoiled somehow (wasn't expired, but definitely soured) and I haven't had any the last couple days.

And of course, I couldn't resist a Montreal smoked meat sandwich for lunch today... but really, who could? The owner of the bistro, Dahlia's, orders the smoked meat from Montreal directly, and it's super yummy. That will be a 20% thing.

Feeling pleasantly stuffed now, so gonna go study and watch tv!