Hey everyone,

I'm a culprit of the binge-fast-binge cycle, and have been for about 13 years. Over that time my weight has consistently yo-yoed within 20 lbs.

I went Primal last April, and I got pretty thin, but then my binging got out of control and I piled lots of weight back on.

Anyway, about three weeks ago I had this "click" moment, where I realised that I was sick of starving myself and then stuffing myself. I decided that I was only going to go full-on Paleo, eat as much as I wanted, and see what happened.

The amazing thing is that since doing that, my urges to binge have lessened! I guessing that after after years of terrible diets (vegan etc), my body was craving crucial nutrients, and the binging was the result.

The thing is, that even though I havent binged, and I've also cut out nuts and most dairy (except cream in my coffee), I havent lost any weight. Also I probably end up skipping a few meals a week - but because I'm not hungry (whereas before when I skipped it was always a conscious thing and it made me suffer). I just eat when I want (including snacks) and don't eat when I don't want to. I'm not complaining, because for the first time in more than a decade I feel free from the binging cycle, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience of stopping the binging and what happens after that? I'm guessing that it will take my body some time to adjust to being fed regularly, but I am carrying more weight than I'm comfortable with.


A typical day - 2 fried eggs for breakfast, sometimes with a beetroot.
Lunch - 213g wild salmon, salad with beetroot, tomato, maybe olives.
Dinner - Lots of meat (two lamb chops / three turkey escalopes / two tins salmon / two burgers / prawns etc) with lots of veggies - courgette, mushrooms, occassionally butternut squash.
1 piece of fruit a day - max 2 - either pink grapefruit or sharon fruit, as a daytime or evening snack.

I'm 5'8. I have no idea what my body fat is right now. When I got measured a few months ago I was 19% but I've put on about 10 lbs since then.