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    How can I reduce stiffness after workouts?

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    After a workout I can often be stiff for a couple of days. I've read conflicting things about stretching or not stretching. Is there anything I can do to stop myself getting quite so stiff?

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    keep moving, walk around, wiggle, dance, do some stretching
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    Workout, As weird as it sounds that is the only thing that works for me. When I am all sore the next day I continue anyways, However after a few weeks all muscle soreness goes away except for crazy days and even then it is not the "I HATE STAIRS" soreness but more a tenderness of working hard.

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    hit the muscles the next day at much less volume and weight, amino acids, sleep

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    Movement, through the full range of motion- move your arms around, move your legs around, bend your trunk around. Make all of your muscles move. That seems to help for me.

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    This may seem odd, but since I've started taking cold showers, soreness has decreased dramatically.

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    I've pretty much accepted that some soreness is part of the deal if you stay active and workout past your mid 30s but when I get unusually sore and feel like I need to do something to deal with it, I go for a swim. I'm always amazed at how well that relieves DOMS, no matter how severe.

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    Foam rolling

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    All of the above; foam roll (i use a 4" pvc pipe), stretch, don't stretch, cold bath, cool shower, heat, lower weight higher volume, bodyweight movements, yoga, a good glass of wine after a hard day, sleep, eat big, sleep more. Try any combination and see what works. I have lower back pain and what works best after a workout for me is rolling with the pipe and a lacrosse ball (hamstring, glutes, hips mostly), stretching the areas around what hurts (hamstring, glutes, hips mostly), cool shower, eating really big, and lots of sleep.

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    All of the above are great suggestions.
    I have 2 i'd like to add.

    1. Are you doing any type of light cardio at the end of your work out? Some call this a cool down period and the theory is it helps carry lactic acid out. Dunno if that's exactly what it does, but i always notice a difference if i don't walk on a tread mill for 5-10 minutes after a work out.

    2. Water... How much water are you having post work out? That can make a huge difference!! More water=more better!

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