Prior to PB, and in an effort to drop the 10-12 lbs I've gained over the last year or so, I can admit I was a chronic cardio/CW fool. I ate within my metabolic restrictions, I kickboxed 5x a week, ran/walked 3.5-4.5 miles 3-5 times a week and played 2s sand vball on weekends. I was definitely tired.

I started PB last week and recognized I would have to change-up my workouts. I decided I would drop kickboxing to 1-3 times a week, skip the running and just take a long walk 5-7 x a week, and then have my usual weekend volleyball (anywhere from 0-9 games over two days, or 7-10 games in one day if there's a tournament) - depends on availability of the other players.

I keep hearing that even this routine is "chronic cardio" and that I have to stop it. The problem is, there are things I really like. For example, the kickboxing is not all 80% intensity and up. Sometimes it is full out bursts of kicking/punching/elbowing, but much of it is also squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, weighted exercises and punching/kicking slowly but for power. My endurance and muscle tone got much better with this class.

Similary with the volleyball, the tournaments can last for 8 hours in Arizona heat but are only 10 games at most with 30 minute breaks (or longer) in between. The points are sporadic in terms of length and intensity, and there is a lot of jumping, squatting and lunging involved, along with short bursts of sprinting.

When I look at this stuff individually it seems to still fit within Marks' plan and are things I really enjoy (and great stress relievers). That said, I really don't want to mess up whatever good I am doing on the diet by over-exercising, nor do I want to add in grain-based carbs to fuel my workouts for energy.

I would love your thoughts as I am feeling a bit sad.