Hey guys, glad to have joined the forum.

I've become interested in diet a lot more in recent years, I lift weights and eat healthy but I'm becoming more interested in how it effects your body and mental state.

I'm not that knowledgable on the science but I've heard of paleo quite a bit. I've also learnt how grains is bad and about grass fed foods been really good for you through joe rogans podcast. I know robb wolf is well known for supporting paleo and listened to him talk about.

Anyway, I do want to cut out the grains and dairy out of my diet as much as possible but need advice on what to eat and what to avoid. I eat pretty much the same everyday so ill outline that now.

Breakfast 3 weetabix
Meal 1 sausages,beans,waffles and eggs (work cantene)
Meal 2 3 eggs and beans
Meal 3 tea. Varies but no chips,pizza or anything I deem unhealthy
Meal 4 chicken or steak with vegetables and lettuce

I sometimes have pasta and cheese too but I'm stopping that completely now and replacing it with fish, veggies and salad.

I know some of that is a bit vague because I don't always make my dinner, but I record my eating everyday.

Advice would be greatly appreciated. Great to be here.