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Thread: New to the Forum, and New to primal

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    New to the Forum, and New to primal

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    Hello everyone.
    Wanted to introduce myself.
    Im an ex college football/rugby player.
    When I graduated from college I no longer was playing sports but kept eating like I was.
    I put on over 100lbs.

    This is no longer acceptable, Ive spent a lot of time researching a diet that would work for me, and I think its primal.
    Any tips for a newcomer like me?

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    Welcome AJ, hopefully you've come to the right place and you are willing to work hard!
    Honestly, the best piece of advice is to read Mark's book.

    And just do it!

    Come back with your questions then; even better give it a real shot for 1-2 weeks, then we can help

    Adopted the Primal lifestyle on: August 9 2012.
    My sporadic journal entries are here.

    Results to date: I've lost (gained?) one belt hole!

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